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Ferrous Bisglycinate manufactured by Moruf Lifescience is an iron anemia deficiency which works by maintaining the levels of the iron in the body. This is important as for the production of the red blood cells and hemoglobin that is also known as  the natural protein of the body. The iron deficiency is the most common in the period of pregnancy, it happens due to the development of the fetus. The hormonal changes in the body  are tremendous that further results in the occurrence of lower levels of all those essential vitamins and minerals which are important for the growth and besides that , this also decreases the immunity levels.

One is suggested to consume the dose of Ferrous Bisglycinate tablets when it becomes an essential for the body to take the supplements to overcome the loss occurred due to the deficiency. The requirement is to be set by the doctor only, and there  are some of the necessary precautions which need to be acquired by the patient consuming the aid. Following a proper schedule of diet, staying away from alcohol , taking medicine on a fixed time is also one necessity. It is important to follow the safety advice as you can get the desired results with the consumption of the aid.  

While consuming the Ferrous Bisglycinate tablets, one might face certain types of side effects such as extreme levels of nausea, digestive issues and different burning sensations too. These may sometimes turn servere which  may not be very much beneficial for the purpose of the health. Thus , consulting the doctor may become necessary for the betterment of health purposes. If there is the development of the certain allergies, it is suggested to discontinue the dose but only with the consultation of the doctor

Composition of Ferrous Bisglycinate

Zinc Bisglycinate      15 mg

Folic Acid                  1gm

Methylcobalamin       500 mcg

Ferrous Bisglycinate

It is an anti-anaemic medication and a crucial supplement during pregnancy for maintaining hemoglobin levels and development of the fetus. It also helps in replenishing the iron. Iron facilitates the formation of red blood cells which in turn helps in transporting oxygen to the cells.

Zinc Bisglycinate

This is a dietary supplement of zinc that provides essential nutrients to the body which makes the immunity of the body strong. Furthermore , if the levels of the zinc is maintained, it then keeps all the common infections away.

Folic Acid

It  is a form of vitamin B i.e Vitamin B9 which plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. It is also essential in pregnancy due to its role in the development of the fetus brain and spinal cord.


 This is a form of  vitamin B12 that restores its level in the body thereby helping in treating certain anemia and nerve problems , low hemoglobin levels, anemia

as an iron supplement or anemia in pregnancy, vitamin deficiency.

Dose Requirement for Ferrous Bisglycinat

The dose requirement for the supplement will be suggested by the doctor only by looking at the medical reports and measuring the levels of deficiency. Do not overdose on the aid and neither miss the tablets.

Precautions for  Ferrous Bisglycinate 60 mg

There are some necessary precautions that bone needs to follow.

  • Take the medication at the fixed time only.
  • Do not overdose.
  • Do not smoke .
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Avoid the outside food.
  • Do not consume alcohol.


Keep the Ferrous Bisglycinate tablets in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Note - The supplement Ferrous Bisglycinate is only for external use. 

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