Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India- There has been a noticeable shift in the way gynecological disorders are approached and treated. Women are now more proactive than ever towards their health leading to the demand for highly effective and safe gynecological formulations. The upshift in women’s healthcare products has positively influenced the Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India in prominent regions. Moruf Life Sciences takes pride in being a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a high-quality gynecological medicine range. As per the report by The Business Research Company, the gynecology drugs market is predicted to grow from $41.56 billion in 2023 to $43.78 billion in 2024, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4%. 

With an increase in the demand for top-notch gynecology and obstetrics products, investing in Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India has become highly profitable. Moruf Life Sciences strives to meet the rising demand for women's reproductive healthcare products with continuous research and innovation. We offer Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India opportunities throughout India to maximize the reach of our product range. We have prepared this comprehensive blog to help you learn more about our product range, marketing support, and other exciting deals we offer to our franchise associates. 

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Meeting the Growing Demand for Women's Health Solutions 

Moruf Life is a leading Gynecology PCD pharma franchise company in India. With the rising awareness regarding diagnosing and treating menstrual disorders and pregnancy-related infections the demand for quality gynecological products has also increased. We have deployed a robust and highly efficient research and development system to develop more effective, stable, and acceptable drugs for the treatment of obstetrics and gynecology diseases.

The Gynecology Drugs Market size is projected to reach a multimillion USD by 2029 and will create a perfect eco-syetem for the growth of gynae PCD franchise business at your preferred location. Our Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India is a golden opportunity for you to tap into the potential of the obstetrics and gynecology market in India and worldwide. With our acute focus on the research and innovation of new gynecological formulations, we have formulated a diverse product portfolio targeting women’s menstruation, childbirth, fertility, STDs, hormonal problems, etc. The key driving factors for the growth of the gynecological market worldwide are briefed below: 

  • Rising awareness for effective  women’s healthcare solutions
  • Prevalence of Gynecological Disorders
  • Growing use of fertility treatments
  • Advancements in technology 

Best Product Range for Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India

Quality and customer satisfaction are the two main driving forces at Moruf Life Sciences. We have formulated a diverse gynecological product range highly suitable for the Gynae PCD franchise business. Our gynecological formulations are available in different categories tablets, injections, syrups, capsules, powder, and sachet. All the products are prepared under the surveillance of our quality assurance and quality control experts. You can choose your preferred product for the Gynae PCD Franchise Business and earn huge profits. Learn more about our product range in the list given below: 

Evening Primrose Oil Soft Gelatin Capsules - You can get Evening Primrose Oil Soft Gelatin Capsules at Moruf Life Sciences in different dosages of 1000mg and 500mg. The medication is highly beneficial for PMS (premenstrual syndrome), reduced hot flashes, menopause, high blood pressure, heart health, etc. 

Natural Micronized Progesterone: We also manufacture the best quality Natural Micronized Progesterone as soft gel capsules. The medicine is used in hormone replacement therapy to treat infertility in females who are facing difficulty in producing progesterone, a natural hormone. 

Clindamycin Clotrimazole Capsules: The combination of Clindamycin and Clotrimazole is used to treat vaginal yeast/fungal infection causing vaginal burning, itching, and discharge. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties are very effective in treating infections. 

Combi - kit of fluconazole, Azithromycin, and Secnidazole: The combi kit comprises highly effective medicines such as fluconazole, Azithromycin, and Secnidazole. These medicines are highly beneficial in the treatment of vaginal discharge, Urethra infection, intestinal amoebiases, respiratory tract infections, etc. 

Tranexamic Acid and Mefenamic Acid: The combination of Tranexamic Acid and Mefenamic Acid is used in the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding and menstrual pain. The medicine works by preventing the breakdown of blood clots to control excessive bleeding during periods. 

Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Injection: Moruf also delivers Hydroxyprogesterone caproate which is a man-made progesterone given during childbirth. It is used in pregnant women to help lower the risk of giving birth too early (preterm birth or giving birth less than 37 weeks of pregnancy). 

Levonorgestrel: We also manufacture Levonorgestrel used as an emergency contraceptive to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or after failure of another birth control method. The medicine is also used to prevent the attachment of the woman's egg to the wall of the uterus (womb).

Isoxsuprine: Our product portfolio also comprises Isoxsuprine is used in premature labor and peripheral vascular disease. The medicine works by preventing the contractions of the smooth muscles in the uterus.

Norethisterone: We also manufacture Norethisterone used in the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding, pain during menstruation, endometriosis, and Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The medicine works by mimicking the effects of natural progesterone (female hormone). It helps in regulating the growth and shedding of the womb lining, thereby treating menstrual irregularities. 

Find the complete Gyne PCD Franchise Product Range 

At Mourf the utmost attention to the quality of products is a priority. We have a robust list of gynae products for PCD Pharma Franchise. All our products meet the highest quality standards thus, highly recommended by doctors and health professionals across the country. We are a reliable and well-established gynecology company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a top-notch gynae product range. Moruf Life Sciences ensures to meet the market requirements and demand. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand the industry dynamics and offer our associates highly-demanded medicine, new launches, promotional support, marketing strategies, etc. 

Here given below is the complete insight of our Gynae PCD Franchise product range, have a look:
1. C-More-O  Tab Calcium Orotate 740mg + Vitamin D 3400 I.U 10x10
1600.00 290.00 12%
Indications :  Osteopenia & Osteoporosis,Peri & Post- Menopausal Osteoporosis & Stress Fractures.
2. Calmof-C Tab Coral Calcium 750 mg+ Vitamin D3 500 IU 10x10
1300.00 250.00 18%
Indications :   Osteopenia and osteoporosis, pre and post menopausa, stress ftracture, Osteporosis, Ricketsand osteomalacia
3 Calmof- Tab Calcium citrate 1000 mcg +Magnesium hydroxide 100 mg + vitamin D3  250 IU + Zinc Sulphate  4 mg  10x10
700.00 120.00 12%
Indications :   Calcium and Magnesium are responsible for making bones strong, and also help in muscle, nerve, and metabolic functions.
4. Calmof- XT Tab Calcium Carbonate 1250 mcg E.q to Elemental calcium    500 mcg + Vitamin D3  2000 I.U Methylcobalamin IP  1500 MCG  + L- Methylfolate calcium  1 MG  + Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate Tablet   0.5 MG  10x15
3450.00 430.00 12%
Indications :    to treat and prevent nutritional deficiencies such as calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and post-menopausal osteoporosis.
5. Corafer-FB  Tab Each film coated tablet contains:
Ferrous Bisglycinate eq.  elemental Iron 60 mg + Zinc Bisglycinate eq. to elemental Zinc 15 mg +  Folic Acid IP  1 mg Methylcobalamin IP  500 mcg
2850.00 290.00 12%
Indications   : Ferrous bisglycinate provides iron to the body. Iron is required by the body to produce red blood cells, and is used to prevent and treat conditions such as anaemia which arises from iron deficiency.
6 Corafer Max Ferric Pyrophosphate  30 mg  10x10
1999.00 390.00 12%
Indications: a dietary supplement providing iron in the form of ferric ions to support iron levels in the body.
7. Corafer-XT Tab Ferrous Ascorbate   equ. To Elemental Iron 100 mg +  Folic Acid  1.5 mg + Zinc Sulphate   22.5 mg 10x10
1290.00 160.00 12%
Indications :  Iron Deficiency Anaemia, Post Manopausal & Surgical Anaemia.
8. Doxfa Tab Each enteric coated tablet contains:     Doxylamine Succinate  10 mg + Folic Acid  2.5 mg Pyridoxine HCl  10 mg 10x10
650.00 90.00 12%
9. Doxfa-OD Tab Each enteric coated tablet contains:                   Doxylamine Succinate  20 mg + Folic Acid  5 mg + Pyridoxine HCl 20 mg 10x10
1210.00 120.00 12%
Indications : Nausea & Vomiting.
10. Dynocare  Tab. Dienogest     2mg 10x1x10
5950.00 650.00 12%
Indications: It works mainly by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation) during your menstrual cycle.(Birth Control)
11. Duphacare  Tab. Dydrogesteron    10  mg 10x1x10
6400.00 3000.00 12%
Indications:  It's used to treat menstrual disorders caused by a lack of hormones in women.
12 Drowar-M. Drotaverine   80mg + Mefenamic  Acid    250mg 10x10
999.00 160.00 12%
Indications:  It's used to treat menstrual cramps, stomach pain and muscle spasms.
13. Estowar Tab Estradiol valerate  2mg 10x1x28
4390.00 590.00 12%
Indications : A Hormone Therapy for managing the Menopausal Symptoms
14 Ferjoy-PCO  Myo-Inositol  550 mg + D-chiro-inositol   13.8 mg + Chromium 100 mcg + Metformin HCI 500 mg +L-Methylfolate Calcium 0.5 mg + Mecobalamine 750 mcg     10x1x10
3590.00 550.00 12%
Indications : Particularly Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Metabolic Syndrome . 
15. Ferjoy-M  Tab Coenzyme  Q10   100mg  + Astaxanthin   8 mg+ Zinc Sulphate  7.5mg  +  L carnitine    5mg + Lycopene  0.5mg +  L glutathione 35mg  + selenium  50mcg + Vitamin C  23.33mg 10x1x10
3900.00 690.00 18%
Indications : Increase Sperm Count , Increase the integrity of  DNA.
16. Ferjoy-IN Tab Myo-Inositol  550 mg + D-chiro-inositol   13.8 mg + Chromium 100 mcg + Vitamin D3  200 IU 10x1x10
2590.00 550.00 18%
Indications : Restore Fertility, Beneficial in Polycystic Overian Syndrome.
17. Ferjoy-F Tab L-Arginine 200mg + Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate   0.2 m.g + Folic Acid   25 mcg +  Cyanocobalamin   0.35 mg +Vitamin D3   1.25mcg +Zinc Sulphate  0.75mg  + Piperine 7.5mg + Lycopene  2mg + Selenium Selenate 5mcg Astaxanthin 2mg +Magnesium Sulphate 12.5 mg + Chromium Picolinate  7.5mg +Lodine 17.5 mcg + N-Acetyle Cystein   100mg           Co- ezyme Q10  30mg + Chastberry  100 mg + Myo-Inositol  150mg 10x1x10
3800.00 600.00 18%
Indications  :Coronary  Heart  Disease,Joint  Disease,Neurological  Disease.
18 Ferjoy-MF  Tab Myo-Inositol-  600  mg + Metformin Hydrochloride   500 mg 10x10
2590.00 490.00 12%
Indications :It reduces blood glucose levels and improves the ovulation process in women with PCOS.
19. Folzin-5 Tab Folic acid  5mg  2x5x10 Blister 180.00 50.00 12%
Indications :Preventing Foetal Birth defect.
20. Folziate Tab Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + L- methyl folate    1 mg + pyridoxal-5 phosphate  0.5 mg 10x10
1390.00 200.00 12%
Indications : Prevents NTDs & Early Loss of Pregnancy.
21. Labmor-100  Tab Labetalol IP 100 mg 2x5x10 Blister 1650.00 290.00 12%
Indications : is to treat arterial hypertension in pregnancy.
22. Lacwin cap Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus) Root  200mg  + Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) Root  100mg  + Yashtimadhu(Glycyrrhiza glabra)  Root   50m + Methika(Trigonella foenum freacum) seed 50mg + Lahsun(Allium sativum) Bulb 20mg 30
299.00 45.00 12%
Indications : Enhanced Lactation.
23. Mopreg-200 SR Tab Natural Micronised Progesterone  200mg                                                                              (Sustain Release) 10 x1x10
3300.00 700.00 12%
Indications : Prevention of Preterm Delivery, Menstrual Irregularities.
24. Mopreg-300 SR Tab Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg                 (Sustain Release) 10x1x10
4990.00 800.00 12%
Indications : Prevention of Preterm Delivery, Menstrual Irregularities.
25. Myletro 2.5 Tab Letrozole  2.5mg 20x5
3282.40 250.00 12%
Indications : Ovulation induction in anovulatory  & in PCOS ,Breast Cancer.
26. Moruf-DE Tab Desogestrel 0.15mg + Ethynylestradiol  0.03mg 10x1x21
1108.80 400.00 0%
27. Moruf-LE Tab Levonorgestrel  0.15 mg + Ethynylestradiol    0.03 mg 10x1x21
666.60 200.00 0%
28. Moruf-CE Tab Cyproterone Acetate  2Mg + Ethinylestradiol    0.035 Mg
3590.00 390.00 12%
Indications : Birth Control.
29. Myber-0.5  Tab Cabergoline  IP  0.5mg  10x1x4
Aluminium strip
3800.00 650.00 12%
Indications : Prevention of Preterm Delivery, Menstrual Irregularities.
30. Myterm-5  Tab Allylestrenol  5 mg 10x10
1200.00 250.00 12%
Indications: to treat repeated or threatened miscarriages and to prevent premature birth in pregnant women.
31. Morwise-Kit Combi - kit of fluconazole 150 mg + Azithromycin  1gm  + Secnidazole  1 gm  10x1x4 Blister 1030.00 390.00 12%
Indications  :  Trichomoniasis,Bacterial  Vaginosis,  Infections  .
31. Myeve Tab Chastebery  Ext 100 Mg + Betaecarotene  5 Mg  +  Green Tea Ext 100Mg + Magnesium Hydroxide 12.50 Mg +  Iron 1 Mg + Zinc Sulphate 0.75 Mg + Vitamin B6 0.25Mg + Folic Acid 300 Mcg Selenium  40 Mcg + Vitamin B 12 2.5Mg +Vitamin E 1.5 Mg  Excipients Q.S                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
447.00 90.00 18%
Indications:  is used as a dietary supplement for symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, breast pain associated with the menstrual cycle, infertility
33. Nexic-E Tab Tranexamic Acid  250 mg + Etamsylate  250 mg 10x10
1490.00 450.00 12%
Indications : Cervical Conization, Dysfunctional  Uterine Bleeding ,Menorrhagia.
34. Mofert 25 Tab Clomiphene   25mg 10x10
450.00 80.00 12%
35. Mofert 50 Tab Clomiphene   50mg 10x10
790.00 120.00 12%
Indications : An effective & safe therapy for ovulation induction in PCOS
36. Nexic-M Tab Tranexamic Acid 500 mg + Mefenamic Acid 250 mg 10x10
2350.00 500.00 12%
Indications : It is used to treat heavy bleeding during menstrual period.
37. Nitmor-100 SR Tab Nitrofurantoin  100 mg 10x14
1270.80 300.00 12%
Indications : It is used to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), including cystitis and kidney infections
38. Renorth-5  Tab Norethisterone  5mg 10x10
570.00 120.00 12%
39. Renorth-10 CR Tab Norethisterone 10mg  10x10
1990.00 250.00 12%
40. Renorth-15  CR Tab  Norethisterone Acetate 15mg (Controlled Release Tabs) 10x5 Blister  1350.00 160.00 12%
Indications:  Disseminated Carcinoma  of  the breast,  Dysfunctional  uterine bleeding,Polymenorrhoea  .
41. Wytron-10  Tab Medroxyprogesterone Acetate 10 mg 10x10
600.00 160.00 12%
Indications: Secondary Amenorrhea  , Abnormal  bleeding.
42. Whypreg-72  Tab Levonorgestrel  IP  1.5 mg 1 TABLET
99.00 8.00 0%
Indications: Terminate unwanted pregnancy.
43. Zuveda-UB  Cap. Ubiquinol  10%  100mg + Lycopene  4mg Astaxanthin   8mg  +  Selenium  40mcg
L Carnitine 500mg + Zinc sulphate 7.5mg
8000.00 600.00 18%
Indications: Increase Sperm Count , Sperm Motility, Sperm Volume .
44. Zidilan-40 SR Tab. Isoxsuprine HCL  40mg 10x10
590.00 150.00 12%
Indications: It is a beta adrenergic agonist & vasodilator which causes relaxation of smooth muscle.
45. Corafer-S  Inj. Iron Sucrose inj   20 mg 10x1x 5 ml 2450.00 280.00 12%
Indications  :Iron Deficiency  Anaemia, Post Manopausal &  Surgical  Anaemia.
46. Drowar Inj. Drotaverine Hydrochloride I.P   40 mg  10x2 ml 350.00 50.00 12%
Indications: Control & Prevention of Pain , Peptic Ulcer, Spastic Constipation .
47. Myterm-H-500  Inj. Hydroxyprogesterone caproate IP 500 mg  2 ml 139.00 44.00 12%
Indications: Preterm Labor , Amenorrhea(Primary  and Secondary),Advanced adenocarcinoma  of the uterine corpus.
48. Nexic Tranexamic Acid  IP   100mg 5X5ML 320.20 75.00 12%
Indications: It is used to treat or prevent excessive blood loss from major trauma, postpartum bleeding, surgery, tooth removal, nosebleed s, and heavy menstruation.
49. Mopreg-100  Inj. Natural Micronised progesterone  100mg  1ml 139.00 22.00 12%
Indications: Progesterone injection treats irregular menstrual cycles  by increasing levels  of the progesterone hormone in your body.
50. Mopreg-200  Inj. Natural Micronised Progesterone   200mg 2ml
Indications: Progesterone injection treats irregular menstrual cycles  by increasing levels  of the progesterone hormone in your body.
51. Wobest-P Powder DHA, Calcium, Vitamins,Minerals                   (Kesar Pista Flavour) 200g
Jaar Pack
349.00 80.00 18%
Indications: It is used for preventing iron, folic acid, Vitamin B12 and zinc deficiencies during pregnancy, breastfeeding, after surgery or in conditions of nutritional malabsorption.
52 Lacwin-Granules  Shatavari ( Asparagus Recemosus )  12.0% + Vidarikand ( pueraria tuberosa ) 3.0%   + Jianti ( Leptadenia Reticulata  2.0% +  Dalchini ( Cinnamomum Zeylanicum )  1.25% +  Ashwagandha ( Withania omnifera    1.0% ,Methi ((Trigonella Foenum Graecum )   0.50%   Jeera ( Cuminum Cyminum    0.25% Mishri ( Sita )                                                       q.s 200g
Jaar Pack
339.00 99.00 12%
Indications: Specialized Nutrition for Brest Feeding Monther 
53. Corafer AG Soft Gel Cap. Ferrous Asparto Glycinate 100mg +  L-Methlfolate 1Mg + Mecobalamin  750Mcg 3x10
450.00 80.00 18%
Indications :   used to treat the symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia
54. Menowise Soft Gel Cap. Soya Isofavones 100mg+ Madnesium  Oxide  Eq. to magnesium + 100MG+  Ascobic Acid 75 MG+  Para Amino Benzoic Acid +25 MG  +Vitamin E Acetate   20 MG + Nicotinamide  20 MG + Pyridoxine HCL 20 MG + Calcium Pantothenate 20 MG + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate.Eq. to Zinc 15 MG + Thaimine Mononitrate 155 MG +  Ferrous Fumarate  Eq. to Iron 12 MG + Riboflavin 3 MG +Sodium Boran Eq. to Boran 2MG +,Copper Sulphate  Eq. to Copper 1MG + Manganese Sulphate Eq. to Manganese 0.5 MG+  Vitamin A Palmitate 2500 IU+  Folic Acid 500 mcg + Potassium Lodide  Eq . to Lodine 225 MCG +Sodium Selenite Eq. to Selenite 100 mcg +Chromium Picolinate  Eq. to Chromium 80 mcg+ Biotin 30 mcg+ Cholecalciferol 15 mcg+ Cyanocobalamin 9 mcg                                                                                                         10x1x10
2200.00 290.00 18%
Indications :   It is a clinically proven and therapy to treat menopausal symptoms.
55. Mopreg-200 Soft Gel Cap. Natural micronized progesterone      200mg 10x10
3300.00 700.00 12%
Indications :   used to treat a hormone imbalance in which there is too much prolactin in the blood .
56. Mopreg-400 Soft Gel Cap. Natural micronized progesterone                 400mg 10x1X10
5950.00 1200.00 12%
Indications :   used to treat a hormone imbalance in which there is too much prolactin in the blood .
57. Morose-E-1000  Cap. Evening Primrose Oil  1000mg
natural vitamin E    150mg
10x10 Soft gel capsules 1490.00 300.00 12%
Indications : Preventing in High B.P in Pregnancy ,Shortening & Starting Labor, Breast Pain .
58. Ovazone Plus Soft Gel Cap Dehydroepiandrosterone 75mg
Melatonin   3mg +Co- Enzyme Q10  100mg 
1350.00 350.00 18%
Indications : To treat Infertility
59. Tinwar-CL-100 Soft Gel Cap. Clindamycin 100 mg + Clotrimazole 100 mg  Vaganal      10x1x7 Blister 2100.00 550.00 12%
60. Tinwar-CL-200 Soft Gel Cap. Clindamycin    100mg + Clotrimazole  200 mg Vaginal 10x1x7 Blister 2990.00 650.00 12%
Indications: Volvo Vaginal infection Reduces Vaginal  burning , itching .
61. Mofert-M Soft Gel Cap. Melatonin-3mg clomiphene citrate 100mg 10x1x5 Blister 3890.00 190.00 12%
Indications: It is used in the treatment of female infertility.
62. Ferjoy-L Sachet L- Arginine   3Mg + Dha %   20 Mg  +   Proanthocyanidin   75Mcg +Vit B6  2.4 Mg 20x5 Gm 1100.00 240.00 18%
Indications: l-arginine promotes intrauterine growth of the fetus by increasing bioavailability of endothelial nitric oxide (NO) production and improving the umbilical artery flow in pregnant women with pregnancy-induced hypertension and fetal growth restriction.
63. Moflow Syrup Cranberry 200 Mg  + D-Manose  300 Mg   Pot.Mg Citrate   978Mg + Beta Carotene          100 ml 170.00 27.00 18%
Indications: Cranberry extract is prescribed for the treatment of Urinary tract infections
64 CORAFER-FG SYP Ferrous Glycine Sulphate + Eq To Elemental Iron 50 mg  Folic Acid 0. 5mg + Cyanocobalamin 7.5 mcg + Zinc  Sulphate Monohydrate IP Eq. To Elemental Zinc 2.5 mg + D-Biotin IP 100 mcg + Flavoured Syrupy Base  Excipients   200 ml  179.00 35.00 12%
Indications :  Iron Deficiency Anaemia, Post Manopausal & Surgical Anaemia.
65. Wobest Syrup Each 10 ml:-  Ashok Chhal  + 600 mg   , Ashwagandha + 300 mg   , Nagarmotha  +  300 mg ,   Shatavari + 150 mg ,Maju + 150 mg  ,Harade 150 mg + Behada  150 mg  +  Amla  150 mg +  Bala  150 mg  + Daru  Haldi  300 mg  +  Kachur  300 mg + Anar Chhal 300 mg   + Moosli 150 mg  + Lodhara 300 mg 200 ml 149.00 25.00 12%
Indications: Regulates  menstrual cycle, treats  dysmenorrhoea,  ensure healthy  uterus.
66. Wojoy Viginal Wash Lactic Acid 1.2% with sea buckthorn & Tea tree oil, Hydroxypropyl  cellulose, Glycerol cocoate 100 ml 169.00 48.00 18%
Indications: Prevents Vaginal itching , maintains natural flora .
1 Corafer XT Syrup Ferrous  Ascorbate 30mg+
Folic Acid 550mg
2 Corafer 2.5 Inj Iron sucrose 50mg/100mg FORTHCOMING
4 Estowar Cream Estradiol vaginal cream 0.01% FORTHCOMING
5 Estowar Inj Estradiol inj. 10mg/ml FORTHCOMING
6 Folzin-10  Tab Folic Acid 10mg tablets IP FORTHCOMING
7 Folziate-D Soft Gel Cap Methylcobalamin 1500mcg+L- Methylfolate 1mg+Pyridoxal- 5 phospahate 0.5mg+Biotin 1mg+DHA(40%)
200MG+Vitamin D3 2000  IU
8 Merjox Tab Methlergometrine Maleate 0.125mg FORTHCOMING
9 Myterm-H-250  Inj. Hydroxyprogesterone caproate inj IP FORTHCOMING
10 Misowar-200  Tab Misoprostol  200mg FORTHCOMING
11 Morose-500  Cap. Evening Primrose Oil FORTHCOMING
12 Mofert 100 Tab Clomiphene 100mg FORTHCOMING
13 Mofert-UB Clomiphene citrate with Ubidecarenone 25mg FORTHCOMING
14 Mo-HCG Inj Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 5000 IU FORTHCOMING
15 Molyco Capsules Lycopene 20mg FORTHCOMING
16 Morfree Stretch Marks Oil Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil FORTHCOMING
17 Moruf-E Tablets Conjugated Estrogens FORTHCOMING
18 Myojoy Tablets Myo-Inositol 500mg+L- Methyl Folate 500mcg+Vit D3 1000 IU+N-Acetyl Cysteine 250mg+L-Argininine 100mg FORTHCOMING
19 Myzeal Powder Whey Protein Powder With DHA FORTHCOMING
21 Rioclav 625 Tablets Amoxicillin 500mg+ Clavulanic Acid 125mg FORTHCOMING
22 Whypreg-Kit Mifepristone 200mg+ Misoprostol 200mcg FORTHCOMING
23 WoBest Cap Ayurvedic Capsules FORTHCOMING


Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Us! (Helpful Reviews)

Read the testimonials from our clients to know how we have been serving them and meeting their specific business requirements. Our clients come from diverse professional backgrounds and feel satisfied with our services.

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Neha Joshi: Pharmacy Owner 

My investment in Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise Business proved to be highly beneficial to Moruf Life Sciences. Their highly effective and safe gynecological solutions helped me build a loyal consumer base and led to an increase in sales. Moruf is a reliable choice for long-term partnerships for Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise Business. 

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Dr. Shridhar Jain: Obstetrician-Gynecologist

With its Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity Moruf gave me an amazing chance to offer high-quality medicines to my patients. I am amazed at their work ethics and dedication to delivering gynecological solutions. The support from their team has been outstanding, making the entire process seamless. 

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Dr. Smitha Kapoor: Women's Health Specialist

Choosing Moruf Life Sciences for Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise Business has been the best decision. The continuous support and marketing assistance have made my franchise venture a success. I am grateful for the partnership and look forward to a flourishing future with Moruf Life Sciences.

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Shardul Arya: Retail Pharmacy Owner 

Moruf Life Sciences is the best gynecological pharma company in India for the pharma franchise business. Their product quality is exceptional and packaging is up to the mark and has a high demand in the market. I highly recommend their Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise to fellow professionals. 

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Invest in the Best Pharma Franchise Company for Obstetrics & Gynecology

Moruf Life Sciences is a leading choice for Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise Business in the Pan India region. You can get a high-quality product range available at an affordable price range. All the products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility as per all the regulatory guidelines and international manufacturing standards. Our product range targets a myriad of gynecological concerns and has high demand in the market. The key reasons for joining hands with Moruf Life Sciences are briefed below: 

  • Innovative and High-Quality Medicine Range: We offer a diverse product portfolio of gynecological medicines made with the best quality ingredients. 
  • Exclusive Monopoly Rights: At Moruf Life Sciences we grant exclusive monopoly rights to all our franchise associates. This ensures a less competitive market to operate and growth in sales and earnings.
  • Quality Packaging: Another stand-out feature of our Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise services is quality packaging. We offer sturdy and attractive packaging on all our products ensuring their safety. 
  • On-time Delivery: We deliver all your orders on time with our robust logistics channel. 
  • Free Marketing and Promotional Inputs: To help our franchise associates establish a strong position in the market we offer free marketing and promotional inputs to our clients. 

Benefits of Starting Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India 

With the rise in the demand for gynecological products, Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise Business has emerged as a lucrative business venture useful in expanding the reach of medicines even in remote areas. Besides, the increased reach there are several other benefits you can enjoy to taking the pharma franchise of gynecological products. 

  • Rising demand for gynecological products 
  • Gives profitable returns in low investments
  • Allow you to be your boss and greater work flexibility 
  • A large network of hospitals and gynecology clinics allows you to expand your business.

Moruf Life Sciences is undoubtedly the best Pharma Franchise Company for Obstetrics & Gynecology products. All the distributors, pharma professionals, and investors interested in starting Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise Business can choose Moruf Life Sciences for exciting offers and comprehensive assistance to establish a strong brand image in the market. 

How to Apply for Gynae PCD Franchise Business at Moruf Life Sciences 

You can easily apply for the pharma franchise for gynecological products with  Moruf Life Sciences. Follow the steps given below to successfully apply for the Gynae PCD Franchise Business in India with Moruf: 

  1. Reach out to our officials through the website where you can find the contact details. Express your interest in starting a Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise and request information on the application process. 
  1. Give all the information about your professional background, qualifications, and experience in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry. 
  1. Discuss all the terms of the agreements or any doubt regarding the franchise. 
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Name - Moruf Lifesciences

Address -  SCO-5,6, Zirakpur-Panchkula-Kalka Hwy, near Hotel Sunpark, Wadhawa Nagar, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Phone Number - 9115593636

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