10 Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections- Women are prone to this infection and this yeast infection is also known as vaginal infection. Generally, there are fungi that live inside women's bodies in very limited numbers but for any reason when these fungi start growing, it causes the problems of yeast infection. No woman or girl should ashamed of this infection, once in a lifetime every woman encounters this problem. That is why we are here to tell you what are Yeast or vaginal Infections. Who is more prone to this infection? We also provide you 10 Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections.

If you are thinking about why women are prone to these problems? “It is because this is a fungus name candida which is found in women’s bodies this fungi is controlled by the good bacteria but sometimes the number of these good bacteria is decreased because of using excess antibiotics, weakened immunity, etc. due to the decrease in the number of good bacteria: Cadila starts multiple themselves and causes Viginal Infection. There are some women conditions in which they are more prone to yeast infections. We will talk about all the conditions and provide you with very Effective Ways to Prevent Viginal Infections.

Know The Symptoms of Yeast Infection

“Awareness is the first key toward preventing anything, If you want to prevent Yeast infection you must know the earlier symptoms related to vaginal infections.” Medication must be the last resort if you can prevent a problem then you must do it first. According to data 75% of women once in a lifetime get infected from yeast infections. These are some symptoms related to Viginal infections.

  • Smell like fish from an infected area

  • Physical appearance like green, gray, and cotton candy-like form

  • Yellowish discharge

  • Pain during Urination

  • Pain during Intercourse

  • Itching in the Vigina

If you are suffering from such problems you should use anti-fungal medicine after taking prescriptions from a doctor. If there are no improvements within 2 weeks approach your doctor again. Note* If you are pregnant oral antifungal medication is prohibited for you.

10 Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections

These are some effective ways by following this you can prevent yeast infections. Viginal or yeast infections are very disturbing problems they cause itching and burning-like sensations in the vagina. If you want to tackle these problems without using medicine then these are some effective Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections.

Wear Cotton and Air Passing Undergrament- Normally, Fungi need moisture to grow, but if you wear airy undergarments there is less chance of their growth. This kind of clothes definitely decreases the chance of getting infected by keeping you dry and free from moisture.

Wear Loss Clothes- Clothes like jeans or any clothes that have a chance to increase the body temperature avoid such clothes because these kinds of clothes increase the amount of sweating around your private area.

Unnecessary Antibiotic Use- If you use antibiotics all the time these antibiotics may kill the bacteria which increases the chance of this fungi growth that leads to yeast infection.

Avoid Excess Use of douche- Sometimes excess use of female hygiene products can kill the good bacteria in the vagina. So avoid excess use of such products.

Never Wear Wet Clothes- As we previously mentioned fungi need moisture to culture themselves so never sit in wet clothes after swimming or by incident if you get wet change your clothes.

Maintain Hygenie- In the bathroom, wipe from front to back.

Maintain Hygenis During Period- Change your pads and maintain your clothes and undergarments during the period.

Control Your Diabetes- Diabetes can be a problem and it may help in growing this infection so control your diabetes by eating good food and doing regular exercise.

Eat Curd or Yogurt- Yogurt is very helpful in culturing bacteria, and this kind of food helps in culturing the good bacteria in the body which helps in preventing vaginal infections.

Avoid ill practice of Excess hot bath- Candida need moisture to grow and such kind of hot bath or hot tube can increase the sweating and this kind of sweat helps them to culture themselves which increases the chances of these yeast infections.


Taking care of the body is in our hands and this yeast infection is very common in women because women's intestine contains certain fungi that can cause vaginal infection but this fungus is in very limited amount but they can grow very fastly if they are found favorable conditions. The best way to prevent these yeast infections is to prevent these favorable conditions for fungi and how can you do that is thoroughly explained in this article.

Normally, Girls or Women are ashamed of such problems but they should not be, because it has been found out out of 100, 75% of women suffer from this problem and we want you have not to suffer from this. We have tried to inform you what is vaginal infection? And what are the best ways to prevent such infections, If you still have some queries then you can contact us. Here,

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