Name :Moflow Syrup

Packing : 100 ml

Price : Rs. 170

Indication :

Cranberry Dmanose Potassium-Magnesium-Citrate-Beta-Carotene Syrup is used to treat urinary tract infection or cystitis.Urinary tract infection generally infects urethra, kidneys, or ureters. Symptoms of UTIs include pain while urinating, pelvic pain, increased urge to urinate and others. Cystitis occurs when the urinary bladder becomes inflamed due to any infection. This medicine prevents the bacterial infection to attach on the bladder’s cell membrane hence decreasing its symptoms.

Benefits/uses of Moflow Syrup:

Role of active ingredients:

1) Cranberry extract: Works for urinary tract infections by making the urine acidic and, therefore, stops the growth of bacteria. Cranberry extract is used for kidney stones, neurogenic bladder, to deodorize urine in people with difficulty controlling urination, to prevent urine catheters from becoming blocked. Cranberry is also used to increase urine flow, and kill microbes

2) D-mannose: Used for preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and treating carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome, an inherited metabolic disorder. D-mannose prevents certain kinds of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and prevents infection

3) Potassium magnesium citrate: Decreases the acidity of urine and helps the kidneys to get rid of uric acid, so prevents gout and kidney stones. It treats certain metabolic problems (acidosis) caused by kidney disease

4)Beta-carotene is also used to color foods such as margarine. In the body, beta-carotene converts into vitamin A (retinol). We need vitamin A for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, and for healthy skin and mucous membranes.

Direction for Usage of Cranberry Dmanose Potassium-Magnesium-Citrate-Beta-Carotene Syrup

Take Cranberry Dmanose Potassium-Magnesium-Citrate-Beta-Carotene Syrup as advised by the doctor. Measure the prescribed dosage using a measuring spoon or a dropper. Swallow the syrup at once with a glass of water. Donot exceed the directed dosage and take this medciation as long as the doctor has prescribed you. 

Drug Precautions and Warnings 

1.    These precautionary measures should be taken in consideration prior to the use of this medicine. Consult the doctor for more details. 
2.    Carefully read the medicine leaflet before starting the use of the medicine. Check for any ingredients you are allergic to. Some inactive ingredients present in this medicine may trigger allergic reactions. 
3.    It is not advised to use this medicine in children without a proper guidance from the doctor. 
4.    Pregnant and breastfeeding women must ensure to confirm with the doctor regarding the use of thus syrup. It is yet to be found if this medicine passed by breastmilk. Take expert advise in this case.
5.    Donot use this medicine if you suffer from acute or chronic renal failure, peptic ulcers, acute dehydration, adrenal insufficiency, uncontrolled diabetes and delayed gastric emptying. 


Dietary and Lifestyle Advise

o    Take care of your personal hygiene everyday. Clean or wash your private parts using an intimate cleanser or mild water.
o    Avoid wearing tight fighting underclothes.
o    Never use vaginal sprays or creams. 
o    Donot hold your urine for longer durations. Always pee if there is an urge to do so. This may increase the risk of developing a bacterial infection. 
o    You should always pee after a sexual course to prevent urinary tract infections. 
o    Exercise daily and maintain a healthy weight.

Widely Asked Questions about Cranberry Dmanose Potassium-Magnesium-Citrate-Beta-Carotene Syrup

These are the most asked questions about the use of Cranberry Dmanose Potassium-Magnesium-Citrate-Beta-Carotene Syrup. Look at them carefully.

Question: What are UTIs and their possible symptoms ?
Urinary tract infections are caused by bacterias which dvelop in the urinary tract, ureters, or urinary bladder. The mmost common symtoms include difficulty urinating, blood or mucus in urine, pain in the abdomen or pelvic area, a mild fever, nausea or vomiting. 

Question: how does this medicine treat infection caused in the urinary system?
Cranberry Dmanose Potassium-Magnesium-Citrate-Beta-Carotene Syrup prevents the attachment of bacteria in the cell mebrane and hence killing it. 

Question: Can we use this medicine in children suffering from cystitis?
It is not reccomnended to use this medicine without proper guidance from the doctor in children. They are more vulnerable to the side effects of the medication. 

Question:Can I increase the dosage of Cranberry Dmanose Potassium-Magnesium-Citrate-Beta-Carotene Syrup myself?
No, it is adviced to talk to the doctor about the dosage and stick to it. Donot increase or decrease the dosage yourself without consulting the doctor. 

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