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Indication :

Divalrox 500 mg Tablet also known as Divalproex is a class of medicines called anticonvulsants also known as anti-seizure and is beneficial in curing fits, epilepsy, or seizures. Epilepsy is a clutter of the brain caused by frequent seizures.

Divalrox 500 mg Tablet sodium is used to decrease abnormal and unrestrained activities by the brain. 

 Divalrox 500 mg Tablet is divided into three classes:-

  • Oral delayed-release tablets
  • Oral delayed-release sprinkle capsules
  • Oral extended-release tablets

Benefits of Divalrox 500 mg Tablet

The Divalrox 500 mg Tablet decreases the migraine and the poor brain nerve activity which is related to the abnormal responses of the brain. The Divalroxsaly increases the active response of GABA, a chemical response that indicates better good. Besides, tablets are also effective against bipolar disorders.

  • Possible benefits:
  • Treatment of epilepsy, seizures, and fits.
  • Relief from migraine
  • Improves mood swings.

Precautions with Divalrox 500 mg Tablet 

Before having the tables with Divalrox 500 mg Tablet sodium present in you must read the crucial warnings given on the back of the box. This warning box issues an alert for people and physicians about the harmful drug effects.

  • Pregnant Ladies:

This sodium can cause birth defects and serious harm to your pregnancy. This birth defect can cause harm to various body parts and body organs like arms, brain, legs, heart, spinal heart, and urethral meatus. This may also affect your grasping power and thinking power. All these defects happen in the first month of pregnancy when you don't even know about your pregnancy.

  • Liver Damage:

This sodium present in drugs can cause serious damage to our liver and can even lead to death. Make sure to get a consistent check on your liver during and after the treatment. The first six months of the treatment might be critical for your liver.

Side Effects of Divalrox 500 mg Tablet 

You might experience some of these symptoms after consuming Divalrox 500 mg Tablet sodium.

Fever, headache, dark yellow urine, abnormal behavior, irritated nature, upset stomach, tiredness, stomach ache, swollen lymph glands in several areas of the body like neck and armpits.

There are some other issues that people might experience other than warnings.

  • Being aggressive
  • Trouble while sleeping
  • Panic attacks
  • Suicidal attempts & thoughts
  • Feeling tired every time
  • Talking every time non-stop
  • Worsened anxiety
  • Allergic reactions
  • Self-harm
  • Trouble while breathing 

This drug may be mixed with some other drugs like vitamins, aspirin, antibiotic drugs, and tuberculosis drugs  [TB].

Divalrox 500 mg Tablet mixed with different drugs causes different side effects.

Warning with Divalrox 500 mg Tablet 

It is very important to consult your physician before you take any kind of medication. Rush to your nearest hospital if you feel any of these symptoms or call an emergency number. Take the medication as per the given directions, use, and precautions.

FAQs about Divalrox 500 mg Tablet:-

  1. How does Divalrox 500 mg Tablet perform its function?

As this drug helps in calming our brain, Divalrox 500 mg Tablet slows down the working of our brain cells from sending rapid signals.

  1. What is a Box Warning?

Box warning is not mentioned on every medication box that we purchase. Box Warning indicates the serious and high-level risks.

  1. Should pregnant women avoid Divalrox 500 mg Tablet?

Yes, all pregnant women should avoid taking this drug as it can impact the fetus very seriously. It can impact the heart, spinal cord, arms, legs, brain and other body parts too,

  1. Can we take Divalrox 500 mg Tablet on our own?

It is strictly advised not to take Divalrox 500 mg Tablet on your own until and unless your doctor has prescribed you to take it.

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