Name : Ferrous Asparto Glycinate, L-Methylfolate Calcium and Mecobalamin

Packing : 3X10 Blister

Price : Rs. 327

Indication :

Composition: Ferrous Asparto Glycinate 100 mg
L-Methylfolate Calcium 750 mg
Cynocobalamin 1 µg

  Corafer AG contains vitamins and iron as supplement to fulfil the needs of the pregnant women and for the production of red blood cells or prevent the occurrence of anemia
It is also used to occupy the low level of folic acid and iron in the body.

1) Acomplex of aspartic acid and glycine with iron.
2)Restores the iron levels in the body , which further aids in producing RBC's and transporting oxygen to body tissues.

1) Regulates body functions, such as cell multiplication,
2)blood formation, and protein synthesis.
3)Is essential for the proper functioning and development of the blood cells, nerves, and brain

 Prevents NTDs & Early loss of pregnancy

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