Name :Nexic-E

Packing : 10x10 Alu/Alu

Price : Rs. 1490

Indication :

Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablets – An accurate combination of two medicines, Tranexamic and Etamsylate, these tablets are used in the treatment of Menorrhagia; heavy or excessive menstrual bleeding. It is also used to stop Local Fibrinolysis, i.e., abnormal breakdown of blood clots, and Postoperative Hemorrhage, i.e., excessive bleeding after surgery. Available with the brand name Nexic-E, these tablets are manufactured by the Best Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablet Manufacturer, Moruf Life Sciences.

Working Mechanism

Tranexamic Acid belongs to the class of medicines called anti-fibrinolytic agents that functions by controlling the breakdown of blood clots. It prevents the action and release of a certain enzyme called plasmin that is essential for the breakdown of blood clots.

Etamsylate is a hemostatic that enhances platelets’ capacity to stick to one another (a process called platelet adhesion) and form blood clots. Additionally, it prevents the effects of chemical compounds that are responsible for the breakdown of clots present in the blood.

In this manner, these medications together help in reducing heavy or abnormal bleeding.

Essential Instructions

Taking Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablets exactly as prescribed by the doctor or gynecologist will help the woman in getting rapid relief from heavy menstrual bleeding. Thus, take this medicine correctly in accordance with the directions of the doctor. Moreover, follow the tips and instructions mentioned below to remain safe from the unwanted or troublesome negative effects:

  1. Take Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablets only if you experience heavy or unusual menstrual bleeding, only if the cause is determined by the doctor.
  2. Do not take these tablets if you are allergic to Tranexamic, Etamysylate, or any other present ingredients of the medicine.
  3. If you are using birth control pills including the vaginal ring, patch, or IUD (intrauterine device), make sure to inform your doctor about the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (a condition in which blood clot develops in deep veins, especially in the legs) may develop.
  4. Consuming alcohol while on the treatment with Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablets may increase the risk of unusual side effects. It is advised for women to avoid alcoholic beverages to remain safe from such side effects.
  5. It is better to not take these tablets if you have a history of kidney failure, seizures, porphyria, thrombosis, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (a disease where blood clots form throughout the body).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablets be taken during pregnancy?

Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablet is a Category B medicine that may not have any adverse effects on the fetus. However, to avoid unintended risks, pregnant women should use this medicine with caution, only with the prescription of a doctor or a gynecologist.

  1. Can Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate Tablets be taken while breastfeeding?

There may be extremely few levels of Tranexamic Acid & Etamsylate released in breast milk. However, it should still be used by breastfeeding mothers with caution, only if the doctor has prescribed it.

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