Name :Mopreg-300 SR

Packing : 10 X 1 X10Alu/Alu

Price : Rs. 4400

Indication :

Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet is used for female infertility and hormone replacement. Also, it is effective in restoring menstruation in women with secondary amenorrhea (the absence of menstrual cycles). Progesterone is a female hormone that helps establish and maintain pregnancy. In addition, it prevents the increase in thickness of the endometrium (uterus lining) caused by estrogen.

An individual patient should read the leaflet before commencing treatment with Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet. Also, a consultation with the healthcare provider is necessary before using this medication. Aside from that, this medicine may be contradicted for use in certain conditions. Thus, narrate the full medical history to the healthcare provider while consulting. For more deets, read on.

Other Uses

Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet is prescribed for various conditions. some are mentioned below:-

  • Amenorrhoea
  • Contraception
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Endometrial hyperplasia
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
  • Progesterone deficiency during pregnancy
  • Postmenopausal hormonal replacement therapy

Note: Not all the uses of this medicine are listed here. Consult your healthcare provider for more uses or details.

Precautions for Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet

You should take this medication by mouth, usually once a day or as prescribed by the healthcare provider. In case, you have trouble swallowing the pills whole, take them while standing up with a full glass of water. Also, follow the dosage schedule carefully, as directed by the physician. Do not skip any dosage of this medication. However, if you forget to take any dose of this medicine and it's time for the next, do not double the dose, skip it and continue with your regular schedule.

More Measures to Take:-

  1. Take Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet with food/meal/snacks or as prescribed by the physician.
  2. The use of this medicine is not recommended in certain medical conditions. Before using this medicine, inform your doctor if you have a history of blood clots, liver disease, history of bleeding in the brain, cancer of the breast or other female organs, or vaginal bleeding of unknown cause. etc.
  3. Before taking Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet, tell your doctor if allergic to Progesterone, or any of its ingredients. Also, tell your doctor about the allergies you have.
  4. It may take time to show effect. The time taken to show effect may vary from one person to another. Also, it is dependent on many factors, such as age, dosage, form, etc. However, if you don't see any effects or your condition worsens, inform your doctor.
  5. Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet may make you dizzy, or drowsy. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or marijuana as it may lead to excessive drowsiness or sleepiness. Also, evade driving or performing any activity requiring mental concentration.

Therefore, the above listed are the measures one should take while taking Natural Micronised Progesterone 300 mg Tablet. Aside from that, keep informing the doctor about your condition or how this medicine affects you.

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