Name :Wobest-P

Packing : 200gJaar Pack

Price : Rs. 349

Indication :

DHA, Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals Protein Powder – Marketed by the brand name Wobest-P, this Women's Supplement comes with the richness of DHA, Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals Protein Powder. This supplement is a delicious way to maintain your adequate intake of brain nutrients. It is fortified with some of the essential and non-essential amino acids that promote overall health and well-being and simultaneously prevent muscle weakness, and the breakdown and slows down the aging process.

This supplement is specially designed for women who are not able to fulfill their daily amino acid and protein requirements from their daily food. In other words, this supplement is used to prevent iron, Vitamin B12, folic acid, and zinc deficiency during pregnancy, breastfeeding, after surgery or in cases of nutritional malabsorption.

Uses of DHA, Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals Protein Powder

Made to enhance women's health, this health supplement comes with the goodness of some vital nutrients like Calcium, Mineral Protein, and DHA that combines and promotes overall internal health and well-being.

The vitamins included in this supplement allow the user to meet their daily micronutrient requirements. DHA contained in this health supplement belongs to the class of fatty acids that plays a crucial role in building the brain and never tissues.

The calcium contained in this supplement helps the enhancing bone density and also makes the bones stronger at the same time. Overall it is a perfect health supplement for women of all age groups.

Benefits of Women Supplement "Wobest-P"

Made with some crucial compounds, this health supplement is a boon for women who are not able to maintain adequate health markets. To give you a clear picture, we have listed down the benefits of DHA, Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals Protein Powder:
  1. Helps in meeting the daily protein and amino acid requirements.
  2. Strengthens the bines.
  3. Ensures proper development.
  4. Prevent anemia.
  5. Beneficial in pregnancy and lactation.
  6. Ensures proper growth and development of cells in the body.
  7. Replace the dead cells.
  8. Supports the growth of new cells.
  9. Replenish the lost blood.
  10. Promotes fast healing of wounds.
  11. Boost the immune system.
  12. Promotes healthy metabolic process.

Safety Information

Like any other supplement, this product also needs to be used with care and caution as any misusage or overdosage can lead to unwanted side effects. Thus, always keep in mind the following instructions while using DHA, Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals Protein Powder:
  1. Complete the full course without skipping the dosage in between to get the best results.
  2. Read the label carefully before using this product.
  3. Use it for a duration as prescribed by the healthcare expert.
  4. Never exceed the recommended dosage.
  5. Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
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