PCD Pharma Companies Products Price list- India being the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world  which directly indicates that pharma is a industry where someone can easily make profitable business and helps you to generate good revenue and the best way to do this is to invest in the PCD pharma companies so now the difficulty which is being mainly faced is that how to find the best pharma  company which are trust worthy as well as profitable so here we play the important role to help you out to find the best PCD pharma companies products price list for the people who wanted to start their own business in this pharma which will lead you good return with the investment you will be doing into this.

With this blog ,you will having almost the all the required details which you should know before you step into the PCD pharma company business such as which is the best PCD pharma company what are the pricing they are offering and the factors on which this pricing listing depends whether you are already someone who is been in the market from the long time or someone who is willing to the start from the scrap we will help you  out to provide the required details and to start this the most important thing is to know which is the best PCD pharma companies and what are their price list so here are the top 5 PCD pharma companies which are given below.

List of The Top 5 PCD Pharma Companies

With the immerging growth of the pharma industry in our country there are multiple number of PCD pharma companies are available in the market and the difficulty is figure out the most profitable and trustworthy and getting partner with them and all of these companies are working in way so that they can give the best services by offering them the best pricing, costumer services and by having a good growth with the number of products which they are offering. Moruf Life Sciences is one the best PCD pharma company which helps you to choose the best PCD pharma franchise with the variety of the product which they are providing at the better price rate than the other companies in the market so here we are letting you know few of top PCD pharma companies which will help you to give good start in the market

These pharma companies which we are mentioning is on the bases of their duration in the market and on basis on revenue which they have generated in the past and offering the best pricing to their partners in the blog we tried to provide the required details about the companies which will help you to select the best suitable PCD pharma for your business

Moruf Life Sciences- The One PCD Pharma Company

Moruf Life Science is the well reputed PCD pharma company which provide the wide range of product at the best pricing on their gynae products and all the product has been clinically approved and it is been ISO certified 9001: 2015 as well as It is totally GMP CERTIFIED COMPANY which follows all the government guidelines so you do not have to worry about any of the regulatory affairs. This company follows all the norms related to WHO and make high quality of Gynae products at a very affordable price.

Table of Moruf Product’s Price List


Product’s Name (Product’s Form)

Price (INR)


Mopreg-200 SR (Tablet)



Calmof-XT (Tablet)



Corafer-AG (Capsule)



Menowise (Capsule)



Moflow (Syrup)



Ferjoy-L (Sechet)



Wobest-P (Powder)



Corafer-S (Injection)


There is 100+ products that this company provides at a very reasonable price to start your own business in the field of pharma. These are some board categories in which the Moruf Life Sciences formulated their medication. This price may vary with time so to know real pricing at the present time you can visit their official site.

What other reasons for Taking Moruf Life Sciences Franchises?

  • All the necessary certification
  • Best Quality Products
  • High Incentive
  • R/D plus professional manufacturing Team
  • On time delivery
  • Well-known brand name
  • Monopoly Rights

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Glamaris dermacare

Indian Skin care industry is growing at a very fast rate with that there are so many opportunities to earn good profit from these industries and if you want to take franchise of skin care products then you can choose Glamaris dermacare. Glamaris dermacare is one of the leading names in the field of dermatology. We believe largest sense organ of the body need bigger attention that is why we make high quality skin care product from naturally driven API. If you want to start your pharma journey in the field of skin care industry, we can visit the official site of Glamaris dermacare and check out the product price list from there.

Zoic Life Sciences

Zoic Life Sciences formulate high quality of pharmaceutical products and has a well establish name is the field of manufacturing of pharmaceuticals good. Their paediatric products are leading in the pharmaceutical market if you want to join your hand with a well-known brand do not look further, Partnering with Zoic Life Sciences is one of the best options and their products pricing are also at a very affordable rate.

Pax Healthcare

If you thinking about the wide ranges in pharmaceutic product then Pax healthcare remains at the top. This company manufacture their products by following all the rules of GMP and WHO and this Company has also ISO certified which is why we should not worry about product’s quality. If you are thinking about going with this company by having their PCD pharma franchise then you check out their product’s price list from their official site.

Medlock Healthcare

This company in one of the leading pharmaceutic industries in the market they are well-known for on time delivery and also for their best quality of pharmaceutical product. These are some points why it counts best amongst the best.

  • Best quality raw material
  • Quality checking team
  • Trusted brand name
  • Affordable Price

If you want to work with then by taking their pharma franchise for that you can check out their product’s price list.


Entering into any business requires information about that business, no doubt pharmaceutical market have high profit margin but there is lot of competition to compete in this market you need better pricing in comparison to your competitors which is why we have written this PCD pharma Companies products Price list and also mentioned top 5 pharmaceutical companies who offers their franchises that you can take and start your pharmaceutical journey.
Knowing pricing, product quality, delivery timing, and brand trust help you out in this industry in many ways. You can join any of these companies as per demand of products in your area. They provide all the exclusive rights on their products as per area so that you can be the boss of that brand in that particular area. If you have limited money then you can take any of the pharma franchises and start your own business.

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